Basketball or Football?

Is basketball the favorite sport of Americans?

We would have to contemplate this more. Certainly, you have the main stay of the sporting industry being basketball, American football and baseball but does basketball come out on top? According to a study undertaken by Gallup, the results show that it is third on the list, behind American football at a whopping 41% and baseball which is just a tiny bit ahead at 11% (basketball stands at 10%).

So what could the NBA do to boost popularity, both in the US and abroad?

Well they could put more money into the sport and focus more on maintaining the playing field (pardon the pun). They could offer the game more prime time slots on pay per view. They could try and get bigger sponsors and promote it more from an early age in schools.

Incorporating the sport into other countries couldn’t do it any harm either. I know England is one particular country that seems to be embracing the idea of basketball and have leagues and interschool competitions.

Whatever the case is, it will be a long way of before, if ever, basketball takes the heart of the nation as football and NFL has.

And this blogger, being a fan of both, is happy enough to sit back and watch the race for title of favourite sport unfold as I sip on my cans in my basement cinema.

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