Who are my recommended top players for the NBA FanDuel Line-up?


Hey, FanDuel gamers! Are you ready to check out the recent line-up for NBA FanDuel?

Just a quick heads-up for non FanDuel gamers. FanDuel is a fantasy basketball site that offers daily fantasy sports games for sports fanatics. If you participate, you’ll be allowed to select new players, fill out a line-up and if you’re lucky, win some money. This is not a one-time thing. So if you performed poorly on your first day, you can come back again the following day.

Everything clear now? Okay, let’s start.

Today, I’m going to give you a list of players I think will be suited for your line-up.

Pau Gasol ($9,200) – What makes Gasol a good candidate for line-up are his impressive points: averaging averaging 19.7 points,10.7 rebounds, 1.0, 1.0 blocks and shooting 51 percent from the field over his last three games.

Russell Westbrook ($12,500) – Even better than Gasol, Westbrook has an outstanding average of 72.9 fantasy points per game over his last four games. What’s more, he has a nice match-up against Toronto. So make sure you’re using him in your line-up instead of betting against him.

Chris Paul ($10,700) – Another player worth the cost, Paul has an average of over 50 fantasy points in each of the last three games he played, and over 40 for the last six. So don’t forget this guy when you’re drafting your line-up.

Mo Williams ($7,400) – Although not as impressive as the first three, Williams is still considered a good line-up prospect, especially with an average of 37.1 fantasy points per game.
Victor Oladipo ($7,700) – This player is a total must-have to any line-up. Managing to score a combined 70 points and recorded 104 FanDuel points, he’s got the skills you want in your team. So make sure to get this one.

There you have it – my recommended FanDuel fantasy basketball line-up. Now if only I can truly afford all these players in a single line-up…

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