Will Tulsa Shock move to Dallas in 2016? Let’s find out!

Tulsa Shock

It’s finally confirmed and approved!

Tulsa Shock have made headlines when their team’s majority owner, Bill Cameron, publicly announced his intentions to relocate the team to Dallas in 2016.

Hours later, Stuart Price, one of the minority owners of the Shock, filed a lawsuit against Cameron following the latter’s announcement of Tulsa relocation.

Price claimed that Cameron did not divulge the details of the relocation plans to the minority owners. However, the majority owner Cameron argued that the team has had consecutive years of operating losses.

Well, despite the lawsuit, the relocation of the Tulsa Shock into Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area has been unanimously approved by the WNBA board of governors. This only means that the league favors Cameron in his relocation idea.

“The WNBA is extremely grateful to the city of Tulsa and the team’s loyal fans. The support they have shown for the Shock and women’s professional basketball over the past six seasons has been tremendous,” said WNBA President Laurel J. Richie.

I think Cameron is right regarding the future move of his team because the Dallas area is the largest under-served market for women’s sports and has the nation’s fifth-biggest media market. Surely, the Tulsa will bounce back after some losses and will definitely add more titles on their list of winnings as they have their fresh start in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Tulsa Pro Hoops LLC said that the Shock’s home next year would be College Park Center at the University of Texas in Arlington, if the university system’s board of regents agrees to it.

According to the reports, the Shock will finish the current season in Tulsa before beginning to play in Arlington in 2016. The last home game for the Shock in Tulsa, except for a playoff appearance, will be September 13th against the Phoenix Mercury.

It is definitely Shocks’ time to bid Tulsa goodbye, their home for the past six seasons. The support that their loyal fans have given them has been tremendous, but the team needs to move forward and be in another greener area.

No doubt, the team will relocate soon, but another concern of Shock fans is the potential name for Steve Swetoha’s squad. Will it be Dallas Shock, Fort Worth Shock, or an entirely new name? I know you’re too excited to hear the team’s new name. But for now, let’s just wait for further announcement of the team. Stay updated, folks!

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