You’ll be amazed with what WNBA center Tina Charles did with half of her salary

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A big woman with a big, big heart. In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about New York Liberty center Tina Charles.

She may not have a salary anywhere close to her NBA counterparts, but that’s not stopping the 6-foot-4-tall Liberty player from doing charitable works.

Charles will donate half her $100,000 WNBA salary to her foundation, Hopey’s Heart, which was launched to honor her aunt, Maureen “Hopey” Vaz, who died from multiple organ failure in 2013, Doug Feinberg of the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The funds will be used to purchase more automatic external defibrillators (AED), 16 of which will be heading to Europe in an effort to supply all Euro League women arenas with one on site.

Because of Charles and Hopey’s Heart, all Euro League women arenas will be outfitted with life-saving AEDs. Why is she including the Euro League? Well, Charles played for Turkish club Fenerbahce last winter.

Actually, this isn’t the first time Charles has done this good act. Last season, she already donated $50,000 to Hopey’s Heart. Aside from this, the New York native also donated money to help build a school in Mali in 2012. What a display of generosity from this hard court player! No wonder, her fans love her.

According to Feinberg, the foundation also commemorates Wes Leonard, a high school basketball player from Michigan who died of cardiac arrest in 2011 after he made a game-winning shot for his team.

Over the last few years, the WNBA star has purchased 142 AEDs. In addition to the AEDs, her foundation also provides health care education and CPR training in schools, communities and recreation centers.

“People ask me why I want to do this and provide every team and I tell them that I think the best joy of humility is to put the interest of others over yourself,” Charles said in a FIBA press release at the time.

Indeed, what an exceptional act of generosity coming from the 26-year-old WNBA star. Charles always impresses us not only in the court, but more so out of it, especially with that kind of advocacy she’s pursuing, She is truly a woman with a big heart!

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